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        The Society For The Education of Physicians and Patients is a non- profit advocacy organization  that has been making a difference for you for 13 years. We stand on the foundation of freedom principles that have made this country great as well as its healthcare system.  We are of the firm conviction that the less involvement and interference by remote and detached third party sources of funding of healthcare the better off we will be. We support Medical Savings Accounts as a strong and most effective solution to the unfortunate involvement of government and corporations in our private healthcare lives and likewise support changes in our tax law  which presently empower the employer to buy healthcare, not the individual American citizen. Would you want an uninterested stranger involved with choosing and purchasing your food, home, clothing, a car, or education? This is what we do with healthcare though. Have you ever wondered why employers and government are so heavily involved in something as personal as your healthcare and the monitoring of something as sacrosanct as the patient- physician relationship?  Isn't  it ironic that employer-based healthcare built on this unfair tax law distortion creates the most common cause of being uninsured- a change in your employment? 
See the articles on MSAs ( Medical Savings Accounts) and review the helpful information on the disk that will equip you to engage the battle for freedom. This educational disk is offered for free as the message is most important but so is the work of SEPP. We ask that you consider becoming a member of SEPP and /or your financial support  so that SEPP can continue its work on your behalf.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dennis Gabos, M.D. President of SEPP 
Robert Urban - immediate past president and founder of SEPP.

Give some thought to supporting SEPP
and becoming a member


Dennis Gabos, M.D.  
President of SEPP

Robert Urban - immediate past president 
and founder of SEPP

Today, we truly find ourselves and our medical care system at a crossroads. I don’t believe that there was ever a time with a more clearly defined issue which will determine the direction our country takes than the issue of medical care in the United States at this time.
Do we take the direction of a Free– Market system that has given us the best medical care in the history of the world —– the envy of every other country on this planet earth?
- Or do we deliver this system into the coercive, oppressive hands of bureaucratic, social engineers with their managed care, big government mentality?
- Or, perhaps more succinctly stated, do we sell out to the socialists or do we opt for freedom?

That is the issue; that is the argument; and it is an argument that people who believe in freedom cannot afford to lose.



Founder and Immediate Past PRESIDENT, S.E.P.P.








The mission of The Society For The Education of Physicians and Patients is to promote the education of patients and health care professionals in order to facilitate unencumbered participation in a healthcare system that respects and nurtures patients' and physicians' freedoms, rights, and responsibilities. The Society focuses on the responsibility of the physician as patient advocate and promotes quality medical care by supporting policies that encourage freedom, choice, enhancement of the patient-physician relationship, and fiscal responsibility.




Society for the Education of Physicians & Patients

A Health Care Professional and Patient
Advocacy Organization

Protecting and preserving patients and health care
professional’s Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities


Web Site —— www.sepp.net


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  SEPP's Accomplishments

An American Healthcare Summit in Pittsburgh - March, 1994; a high level meeting held at the Greentree Holiday Inn which included seventeen renowned speakers from throughout the United States and Canada. This meeting left an indelible message of opposition to the Clinton Health Security Act, the Canadian Single Payer System, and the concept of Managed Care. It provided a firm commitment to the preservation of private practice, and support for the M.S.A. concept which would enhance patient power in the continuing American health care dilemma.

Public Legislative Forums– 21 meetings to date every 1- 3 months including such notable public figures as Sen. Rick Santorum, Sen.Arlen Specter, House Repres. Frank Mascara, State Auditor Gen. Barbara Hafer and many others; and has sponsored letter writing campaigns to all congressmen regarding many of the mentioned issues.

Promotion of Medical Savings Accounts, with 15 billboards in and around Pittsburgh, establishing 1-800-546-7070 information number, radio shows and meetings with Medical and Dental Staffs, Service Clubs and AARP.

S.E.P.P. -now sponsors Health Care Update- the audio tape message at 1-800-546-7070 updated every few weeks with national access and local meeting information.

S.E.P.P. collaborates directly with many other groups such as : Freedom in Medicine, Cato Institute, Americans for Free Choice in Medicine , Council for Affordable Health Care, Physicians for Patient Power, Women’s Freedom Network, Focus on The Family, Heritage Foundation; and is part of a national network of likeminded advocates called the National Health Care Rescue Network with many other organizations representing every part of the country, and dedicated to the Medical Savings Account Concept and discouraging the proliferation of managed care.

S.E.P.P. has sent delegations to Washington, D.C. promoting and supporting legislation related to MSA’s , the right to private contracting, tort reform, and theunethical practices of managed care.

S.E.P.P. publishes a regular newsletter- the Seppian provided to members and thousands of physicians and patients with major contributions from published authors, physicians, nurses, economists, and legislators- exposing managed care and offering sound alternatives- this is the only publication of its kind in Pennsylvania .

S.E.P.P. has distributed both directly and by mail over 4000 copies of “Patient Power” (CATO Institute) and over 2,000 bumper stickers promoting MSAs and manyeducational articles on health care to patients, physicians, legislators and media.

S.E.P.P.’s Speaker’s Bureau is now active and speaking on MSA’s and the deceit and lie of managed care and the fallacy of government controlled medicine.

S.E.P.P. has established its Web site to facilitate national and local networking at www.sepp.net 

S.E.P.P. sponsored another successful meeting for Nurses Issues Oct. 1996 “Perspectives on The Continuing Decline of American Health Care”

S.E.P.P. sponsored The Medical Savings Account Summit in Feb. 1997 and continues its support of MSA’s to give patients control of their health care.

S.E.P.P. has sponsored a 30 min. primetime TV infomercial on Medical Savings Accounts to hundred of thousands of households in Western Penna. Hundreds of copies have also been sent to all parts of the United States.

Many members of S.E.P.P. have now set a good example as employers by offering Medical Savings Accounts for their employees.

S.E.P.P. sponsored its third health care Summit on Medical Savings Accounts on Oct. 31 st 1998 – it presented helpful insights for CPAs, financial advisors, insurance agents and brokers, employers, physicians and anyone interested. Medical Savings Accounts present an effective vehicle for putting the patient back in charge.

       S.E.P.P. sponsored a Town Hall Meeting with Balint Vazsonyi - 
       well known author, speaker, and newspaper columnist on a 
       variety of issues facing America as forces of central 
       government, socialism, and liberalism erode constitutional 
       rights and America's Founding Principles. SEE Founding.org

          S.E.P.P. sponsors a Merit scholarship fund now in its second year to 
        support the educational needs of student entering college. The
        effort involves an essay by the applicant on one of the key 
        Founding principles or topics. It now enters its second year in
        2001. Dr. Lawrence Dunegan leads the committee of many dedicated
        reviewers who judge the award.
        S.E.P.P. now will sponsoring an award to approximately 40 students to
        travel to Valley Forge for a course on Americanism in conjuction with
        the Freedom Foundation. SEPP realizes that most of healthcare 
        financing problems derive from loss of basic American Freedoms.
        S.E.P.P. continues its efforts to promote Medical Savings Accounts,
        with educational materials on its Website, plans for meetings and
        collaborates with 30 other organizations in its effort to restore sound
        American principles to American Healthcare.

S.E.P.P. continues its welcome and challenge to the medical community to protect the rights of individuals and defend the profession of medicine. SEPP acknowledges that many including members of organized medicine and the medical community have opted to defend their status quo rather than patient rights – but reminds them of the words of Benjamin Franklin – “ They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.