Highlights of Health Savings Accounts Summit - September- 2004

Nina Owcherencko discussed -Tax and Economic Advantages of HSAs


    Senator Santorum enlightened the group on
Concept of Health Savings Accounts








Allen Wishner makes point regarding affordable and Patient empowering health care via Health Savings Accounts


Featured Speaker Senator Rick Santorum - has always been
a strong proponent of HSAs


Robert Urban M.D., Founder of SEPP (facing) and Greg Scandlen (far right)- one of the featured speakers exchange thoughts and landmark Summit

For thirteen years The Society for The Education of Physicians and Patients (SEPP) and likeminded defenders of patient freedom and the profession of medicine have educated, promoted, and fought for restoring sound American  principles to healthcare. With the specter of nationalized healthcare under the previous administration and the private sector equivalent of socialized healthcare in the form of Managed Care, SEPP has collaborated with more than thirty organizations nationally to promote and reinvigorate the critical and sacred bond of the physician—patient relationship.
There are those who want to control patients and physicians from government to third parties to employers to legislators. Health Savings Accounts are a potent weapon against those who would attempt to compromise patient freedom. The battle against large controlling, rationing, and destructive bureaucracies is not over.
To wage the battle for freedom in healthcare patients must be in control of their healthcare dollars. Health Savings Accounts are the most effective method to achieve this short of removing the discriminatory tax treatment favoring employer based non -portable, non market- driven health financing. Today we witness the growth and movement of Health Savings Accounts from a hard fought grassroots endeavor to the status of a realized success.